Want to take old parts & make them new?


How it works

If you're local please stop by our showroom during business hours. OR you can ship your parts to us with your name and number and we will call you once we've received them. For pricing and time frames, please email us at sales@topdogracing.com

Maintaining polished parts

Polished parts require some TLC in order to stay looking beautiful. Please wipe your parts down with a new microfiber towel and an ammonia free window cleaner. After riding, make sure you wash and dry your bike, this will increase the lifetime of your polished parts. If your polished parts do become dull after a while, we recommend touching up with some simichrome polishing paste.

Step 1

Please write a note with you name, number and information regarding the polishing (be as detailed as possible).

Step 2

Get a box that will properly hold your parts and make sure to wrap everything seperately, we are not responsible for parts that arrive damaged.

Step 3

Tape the box shut & make a label for:

Cascade Innovations, 21361 SE HWY 212 Damascus OR 97089 United States